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Fences are great at keeping things out of your yard and keeping your kids and pets in. But over time, the weather and outdoor debris can take a toll on fencing. If you don't have the budget to replace your old fencing, use these tricks to dress it up.

Clean It Up

If dirt, grass and other debris is the main problem, give your fence a thorough cleaning. A power washer can blast away all that grime, but make sure you test the tool on a hidden part of the fence first. If the stream of water is too powerful, you could gouge a wood fence or strip the paint from any type of fencing.

Refinish the Fence

You cleaned away all the dirt, but the fence still looks blah. Refinishing the fence is an option for making it look new again. The refinishing process varies depending on the type of fence. Wood can be either restained and sealed or painted. If you're repainting, strip the old paint off -- especially areas that are peeling. You may be able to paint other types of materials, too. Test an area first to make sure the paint will work.

Hide the Fence

Don't want the tedious task of painting the whole fence? Hiding the fence with other landscaping features is an alternative. For a lush look, plant along the fence -- just don't plant too close with shrubs or trees that have extensive root systems. Ornamental grasses often grow high and quickly hide a fence. If you prefer shorter plants, put narrow raised beds along the fence lines and plant your preferred flowers in them. Vines also work. The vines can attach right to the fence to hide the slats.

The arrangement of features in your yard can also help hide the ugly fence. Position lawn furniture in front of the fence so you focus on the furniture instead of the fence. Hang outdoor decorations, such as garden signs or mosaic artwork, on or near the fence. All these little features add beauty to the fence and hide the drab look.

Better View

With one or more methods of improving the look of your old fence, your backyard gets a quick makeover without replacing the entire fence.
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15 Apr 2015
Gone are the days when you used to mechanically fan yourself. Gone are the days when you used to use a pen and a paper to write things down. Gone are the days when you used to walk to a destination on your legs. You have a gadget for every tiny thing in life. So, why leave cleaning aside? Why to torture your beautiful hands when you can easily have an electronic gadget take care of that stubborn grease on your concrete porch? Yes, you are right. I am talking about electric pressure washers.

These wonder-gadgets, literally, do wonders while cleaning the dirty and dusty surfaces of buildings, vehicles and floors of garage, driveway, porch, sidewalk, etc. The water gushing out of the nozzle under tremendous pressure basically drives the sticky dirt out from the surface. And what you have left behind is sparkling cleanliness. And if all this really excites you, then you must go for a pressure washer that would guarantee great performance. This is where Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 comes into the picture.

PW1350 is a super-light compact portable pressure washer of 16 pounds and dimensions 15 by 7 by 9.8 inches. It is capable of producing a fairly good pressure of 1350 PSI and its strong pump supports a flow rate of 1.3 GPM. Swivel connecting adaptor at the inlet of the pump is present for easily attaching garden hose. The universal motor in it is protected by the instant start-stop facility. The power cord of 35 ft. has GFCI for extra safety. The stop-when-idle trigger saves power. It has a spray wand and a turbo wand for support most types of cleaning. The fan lances can be adjusted as per requirement and can also be stored in the inbuilt storage compartment along with the spraying gun.

Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 Features and Specifications

Quick start-stop facility increasing life of motor
Swivel connecting adaptor enables easy attachment of garden hose
Swivel adaptor is located on the inlet of the pump
Comes with two wands for cleaning: spray wand and turbo wand
Fan lances are adjustable from 0˚ to 60˚
Trigger gun is stop-when-idle type
Inbuilt storage compartment for lance and spaying gun
Fit for both outdoor and indoor cleaning projects

The Reviews

The Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 has got really good feedback from those who have bought and used it. They were specifically happy with the instructions given in the manual. They were said to be simple and easy to follow. The product was said to have delivered on time and in perfect condition. The optimum length of the hose and the power cord was very much appreciated.

The machine being light weighted is easy to store and carry around. This and the compactness were also thoroughly liked by most customers. Few customers however have reported that they were having some problem changing the wands from the spraying type to the turbo type. Over all, Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 gets 3.5 stars.

We do recommend this pressure washer because of its light weight and simplicity in design. Because it skillfully avoids some of the unnecessary complicated features but includes enough to serve the purpose of most kinds of surface-cleaning, it is being encouraged. The price of this product is also very reasonable. We can say, once you buy it, you won’t regret it.
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15 Apr 2015